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In 1990 I had a baby, 3 weeks after her birth while making my bed, I hit the floor in excruciating pain. At the emergency room they told me I had herniated my disc between L4 & L5. They gave me pain medications and told me to rest. This is very hard to do when you have a 2 year old and a new born. The pain went on for weeks!

People kept telling me I needed to see Dr. Puroll. All I could think was 'I do not want her twisting me then jumping on me'. I was afraid that my pain would be worse or that the twisting and jumping on me would totally blow my disc.

As the weeks went on so did the pain, I got to the point that I could not walk, my mom said I am calling Dr. Puroll. They carried me into Dr. Puroll's office, and to my surprise she used an adjusting tool called activator; no twisting, no jumping, just relief. I ended up walking out of her office on my own. I never had to have surgery. I just need regular adjustments.

Pam P

While doing chin-ups during my workout routine I heard a popping noise in my left shoulder blade area.   A couple days later my left arm started going numb, and then it became very painful.  I had a constant aching pain in my shoulder that increased in intensity and became sharp when lifting my arm and at night when trying to sleep.  The pain would take my breath away.  Initially I went to the walk-in clinic, then I went to an orthopedic surgeon and he ordered an EMG, which showed a pinched nerve in my neck.   Pain medicine was prescribed, I had an injection in my shoulder and I went to physical therapy, but I was still suffering three and a half months later.

A friend of mine told me to see Dr Puroll, that she would be able to help me.  Upon my first visit Dr Puroll said that my pinched nerve was one of the kinds of conditions she treats and that she thought she could help me.  Dr Puroll adjusted my neck and back with an activator that I called "a clicker."  My first thought was "How can this little thing really help me, I am in so much pain", but it did!  In two weeks I felt 75% better.  I was amazed at how fast I recovered.  Now I am pain free and back to my normal activities of life and working out.  It feels so good to feel good!

Dixie K

If you or someone you know is suffering with back or joint pain I strongly recommend that you get it checked.  Do not just put up with it.

I had been having back and shoulder pain for over 20 years.  I just accepted it and lived with it until it got to the point that it was painful to walk, drive a car, and be able to get to sleep.

My wife had been to Dr Puroll after she was in an auto accident; she had gotten great benefit after only a few visits.  She had me make an appointment with Dr Puroll.

Dr Puroll makes adjustments using an activator; it works directly on the problem areas.  After a few visits I was seeing great improvement.  I am able to do so much more now without hurting.  It is great to put in a full workday and have no problem with pain, and then do things you enjoy in the evening.  Also I do not need to take any pain medication.

Chiropractic has made a great improvement in my life.

Thank you Dr Puroll and Alpine Chiropractic. 

Chuck H.

Cold Laser Testimonial

Dr. Puroll and her staff at Alpine Chiropractic have gently helped me through many difficult pain filled times over the past 20 some years.  When I first hurt my back many years ago, it was Dr. Puroll who urged me to ask our family doctor to schedule a MRI which revealed a herniated disc.  By March of 2009 it was determined that back surgery was necessary.  As an after effect of this surgery, the nerves on my left side were damaged from the waist to the foot.  I then developed an on going 'exquisite' pain in the left hip.  The only relief was to either bend over, lean way back or lie down.  My Neurologist recommended an epidural, which was effective for 5 weeks, but I was determined to never again go through the pain of another epidural if at all possible.  Through the coordinated efforts by Dr. Puroll and my Physical Therapist, the pain began to lessen, but it was when Dr. Puroll introduced the cold laser treatment that slowly the 'exquisite' hip pain disappeared.  I will always have some pain but we have found that a combination of cold laser and Dr. Purolls manipulation with the activator is very effective in keeping the 'exquisite' pain at bay so I am able to once again enjoy a relatively normal lifestyle.

Rosemarie T.

Cold Laser Testimonial

I am 79 years old and a couple years ago I hurt my shoulder dry walling. I didn't go to my medical doctor right away because I am tough and independent and thought I could work through this pain. By the time I did go to my family physician the examination revealed that I had actually broken my collarbone and cracked the cartilage cup of my shoulder in three places. The collarbone was healing at this point.  

However I was experiencing pain in my shoulder and less and less mobility. It got to the point where I could hardly lift my arm up ' I couldn't push the garage door opener on my visor, it was difficult to brush my hair, it was even painful to write.

 I received ultrasound treatments and cortisone injections which did help with pain but not with improving my motion.  

Then Dr. Puroll recommended doing cold laser treatments on my shoulder. I was willing to try anything so Julie, Dr. Purolls assistant, got to work on my shoulder. The laser could detect where the greatest degree of injury was in my shoulder and would target those spots; the treatment was very specific. After a few treatments I could feel that my shoulder was responding. I had a total of 24 laser treatments, and my shoulder is so much better. My range of motion isn't complete but I can reach up and push 'the button' and brush my hair, I can sleep at night without pain, drive with my hands on the steering wheel at 2 O'clock instead of 4 O'clock and I wrote my Christmas cards without pain. I am even back to making my braided rugs! 

Susie S.

While at work one day my lower back went out and I was taken by ambulance to the hospital.  All they did was give me a shot for pain and pills and sent me home saying it would take two to three weeks to go away.  Ironically that was the start of my vacation ' I spent a week flat on the floor.

When I went back to work I was still in about the same amount of pain.  A man at work told me I should go see Dr. Puroll.  I was against going to a chiropractor because I didn't like the idea of being snapped and cracked.  He told me that she didn't do anything like that and he explained that she used an Activator.  So I called and made an appointment.  I must say I felt better leaving her office after the very first treatment.  Wow, I couldn't believe that something as small and gentle as the activator could make me feel so great!  That was back in 1991 and I have been going ever since, once a month.  Having an adjustment once a month keeps me feeling great, unless I do something stupid like tripping on the dogs leash and falling face first onto the snow covered sidewalk.  I called, made an appointment with Dr. Puroll and felt relief after the treatment.

I truly believe that if I didn't go to Dr. Puroll I wouldn't be working or walking like I am now.

Donna D.

Cold Laser Therapy

I injured my knee 13 months ago on an exercise bike.  I experienced severe pain and inflammation.  (My knee swelled up to the size of an orange cut in half!)  Walking was difficult; going up stairs a challenge; sleeping at night was also painful.  I would use 2 pillows to support my knee!

When I would go to the store, I immediately would need a cart to enable me to walk and shop.  I developed a side-to-side gait to compensate for my painful knee.  I was a mess. 

I made an appointment with a surgeon and he ordered x-rays.  At the hospital when the technician was positioning me on the table to take 4 views for x-rays; he put me on my side, I was in so much pain I couldn't remain like that for long.  The x-rays revealed degenerate changes.  I was advised to wear an ace bandage.

I made an appointment with Dr. Kellie Puroll.   After reviewing my x-rays her judgment call changed my life!  Immediately, I started laser therapy to accelerate pain relief and promote healing.  I went everyday for 11 days, then had a week off; and now have completed 5 additional laser treatments.  The inflammation and pain in my knee is gone.
I am walking and going up stairs with ease.  I don't need a grocery cart to help me walk.  This is a happy ending.

Dr. Kellie Puroll's judgment call was the textbook perfect treatment for me.

Nancy S.

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