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Do you suffer from chronic widespread pain in your muscles and joints or suffer from a condition that defies a diagnosis, do you suffer from sensitivities caused by pollen, environmental pollutants/toxins, or animals, do you have digestive complaints from food sensitivities???  Do you experience  headaches, itchy skin, red scratchy eyes, sneezing, wheezing, difficulty breathing, post nasal drip, gastric reflux, heartburn, belching, stomach aches, diarrhea???

Our clinic offers the ASA Balance technology that can provide long lasting relief from imbalances and sensitivities related to the environment, food, pets and imbalances that cause inflammation in the body.     Just click and see what some of our patients have to say about the relief they are now enjoying.   

You don't need to suffer another day!

ASA Balance treatments are safe, painless, and take only minutes.

What is a sensitivity?  A sensitivity is an inappropriate response to something that is harmless.  What has happened is that the body's immune system has created an error in registering that specific substance as a foreign invader that in turn needs to be attacked.  The immune system than initiates a cascade of events leading the body into reactions that include red itchy eyes, scratchy throat, sneezing, runny nose, upset stomach, gas, bletching, diarrhea, trouble breathing, unexplainable aches and pains throughout the body, lowered resistence, etc...   This error becomes an engrained pathway in your nervous system and unless it is corrected will lead to a life of chronic sensitivities and miserable symptoms.

How does the ASA Balance system work?  Through computerized technology the ASA Balance equipment is able to test the body against hundreds of different substances.  Using a biofeedback cuff,  vibrational frequencies of numerous substances are pulsated against the skin, then the response of the skin's conductivity  regarding the substances is measured.   This is similar to now a lie detector test measures the body's response to a question.  Inappropriate responses to the substances are recorded and the exact sensitivities are determined.  Once identified, the ASA Balance system is designed to create a harmonic frequency of the offending substances which are then re-introduced into the body by using a conduction laser through acupuncture points of the ear and body.  In this way the specific nerve bundles are stimulated in order to re-educate the body's immune response to not over react to harmless, ordinary substances.  This process is painless and does not use needles or injections.  It is perfect for all ages from young children to the eldery.

How do you know what you're sensitive to?  Every substance has it's own frequency.  Cat dander for example has a certain frequency.  Dust has a specific frequency that is different from cat dander.  Thousands of other frequencies of possible sensitivities are introduced safely and painlessly into the body over 12 sessions,  Your body is monitored to see which frequencies cause it to go into a reaction.  A complete list is complied of all frequencies (sensitivities), which caused the body to go into a reaction, based on that particular session.

How do you get relieved of these sensitivities?  The frequencies of your sensitivities are introduced back into the body.  This is accompolished with the conduction laser.   The laser transmitting the frequencies stimulate certain acupuncture points, which releases endorphins and other chemicals.  The laser retrains the nervous system to respond normally.  The new nervous system pathway replaces the old pathway, ridding you of that specific sensitivity.  Once all pathways are retrained, you can say goodbye to pills, injections, and related symptoms of red swollen eyes, scratchy throats, headaches, digestive distress  and pain caused from inflammation.

How many treatments will you need?  The number of treatments depends of your age and degree of sensitivity.  Chronic sensitivities are generally resolved within a series of 12 visits, one visit per week with a 13th treatment 3 weeks later.  Depending on how chronic and extensive the reactions are follow up treatments of one treatment a month for 12 months may be recommended.

How long does an ASA Balance treatment take?  The actual testing and treatment takes 15-20 minutes.

Treatment enhancements.  To help the nervous system maintain the new balance the vibrational frequency is also broadcast onto a metal tab that is worn as a braclet and 2 to 3 nutritional supplements are taken to support the body's shift in balance and detoxification. 

We are excited to offer the only ASA Balancing system in the area, which can provide long lasting relief for seasonal, food, environmental and inflammatory sensitivities without using prescription or over the counter drugs or injections, which can have side effects or be painful.


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