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Dr. Kellie Puroll grew up in the beautiful Alpine Village of Gaylord, Michigan.  She graduated from Gaylord High School.  After completing her undergraduate prerequisites she attended the prestigious National College of Chiropractic in Lombard, Illinois.  There she earned her bachelors of science degree, and in 1986 her doctoral of Chiropractic degree.

In 1988 she married her high school sweetheart, John, and they were thrilled to settle back into their hometown of Gaylord.  Later that year Dr. Puroll opened her Chiropractic practice.   They have raised two beautiful, vibrant daughters in the Chiropractic lifestyle, enjoying years of antibiotic-free living.

Her Christian faith is the cornerstone of her life and work.  "I love my practice and the wonderful family-oriented communities of Gaylord and surrounding towns of Northern Michigan.  I come alive every day at the office because through the natural healing art of Chiropractic I get to participate in and witness the miraculous healing ability God has given the human body.  People always comment on the warm and cheerful atmosphere of my office.  With such a friendly and enthusiastic staff, you can't help but feel better when you walk out of here."

Dr. Kellie Puroll


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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "If someone had told me 5 years ago that my back would feel as good as it does today I would not have believed them. My low back hurt every day because of standing on cement floors; loading the wood stove was a painful event. In 1992 I began going to chiropractors but still struggled with back pain. Then in 2010 I started getting my back adjusted by Dr. Puroll and I can't believe the difference, I can't believe how good it feels now. The Activator method has by far been the best for me.."
    Duane R. Gaylord, MI
  • "In 2006 I was in a snowmobile accident. I broke my elbow and fractured every bone in my face among other injuries. In time I healed from these injuries but I was having a pain in my shoulder, more specifically at my collarbone. I was in constant pain with it and it was prone to feeling ice cold. I told my doctor of the pain and my shoulder was x-rayed and I had a CT scan and it revealed nothing but soft tissue trauma from the accident. This went on for five years.

    Then I came to Dr Puroll because I was having low back pain and I told her of my shoulder pain. She found my collarbone out of alignment. She made a few simple, painless adjustments and I cannot believe the results. It is amazing. My shoulder is so much improved ' what a wonderful relief!"
    Bob N.

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