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Welcome to Alpine Chiropractic!   Thank you for visiting our website, I am Dr. Kellie Purolland I and my wellness team have been providing effective gentle chiropractic care to the Gaylord area and the surrounding counties since 1988.  We specialize in the Activator Method Chiropractic technique, the number one low-force adjusting technique in the world.  A variety of additional therapies available are cold laser, Cox Flexion-Distraction, other spinal tractions, Spider Tech Taping, high quality nutritional supplements and custom made orthotics. 

Please get to know us better by wandering through our website.  If you are new to chiropractic and wondering if it is something that can help you we encourage you to look through the "We May Help You With" section under the Community Content. 

Become comfortable and better informed on chiropractic by reading the "Story of Chiropractic", "Chiro Myths and Facts", and "Todays Chiropractic".  You will learn why I and my team have a love for the spine and are so concerned about its alignment. Your recovery is our concern and improving your health and well-being is our passion.  You can visit our testimonials page to see how patients have benefited from their care here at Alpine Chiropractic. 

If you have already experienced the benefit of chiropractic care then immerse yourself in the bountiful wellness information contained in our site.  There is a wealth of information providing an open-ended opportunity for vitality, vibrant health, and an enhanced experience of life.  I challenge you to read on and on because you will become inspired and start to realize your potential and will find motivation to become truly well. 

If you would like more information or to schedule an appointment please call us at 989-732-3035 or you can request an appointment right from this site by clicking on the "Request an Appointment" tab and we will call you.  We also welcome and deeply appreciate your referrals, so thank you for sending on our information by using the "Send to Friend" link to share our health information with your friends and loved ones. 

Thank you so much for visiting us on the world wide web.  I hope you found our site informative and if so please sign up for our free health & wellness articles - everyone is welcome to subscribe, you do not need to be a patient.  By subscribing you can then access the "Member Wellness" section of our website for more information on wellness, and health facts.  We even provide you with animated exercise videos.  

If you are already a patient I look forward to seeing you again soon and if you are not yet a patient but would like to be, I am excited to meet you and be a part of your life's journey. 

Sincerely yours, 

Dr. Kellie Puroll

"Observation study found that low back pain patients receiving chiropractic care, which typically includes spinal manipulation, are more satisfied than those receiving medical care." 

- New England Journal of Medicine   

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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "If someone had told me 5 years ago that my back would feel as good as it does today I would not have believed them. My low back hurt every day because of standing on cement floors; loading the wood stove was a painful event. In 1992 I began going to chiropractors but still struggled with back pain. Then in 2010 I started getting my back adjusted by Dr. Puroll and I can't believe the difference, I can't believe how good it feels now. The Activator method has by far been the best for me.."
    Duane R. Gaylord, MI
  • "In 2006 I was in a snowmobile accident. I broke my elbow and fractured every bone in my face among other injuries. In time I healed from these injuries but I was having a pain in my shoulder, more specifically at my collarbone. I was in constant pain with it and it was prone to feeling ice cold. I told my doctor of the pain and my shoulder was x-rayed and I had a CT scan and it revealed nothing but soft tissue trauma from the accident. This went on for five years.

    Then I came to Dr Puroll because I was having low back pain and I told her of my shoulder pain. She found my collarbone out of alignment. She made a few simple, painless adjustments and I cannot believe the results. It is amazing. My shoulder is so much improved ' what a wonderful relief!"
    Bob N.


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